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The Fire And Ice Opensim Grid is a free user created 3D virtual world powered by OpenSimulator

A personal touch in the metaverse.


Connect to 1000's of regions on 100's of grids with Hypegrid Teleports

Inworld Currency: G$(globits)

Make your home, then it share it with friends

Chat using text and voice

Its your life, live it your way

Fire & Ice Grid Logo

Grid Status Online - Logins Open - Registrations and land purchase closed

Registrations will open again in a few weeks after fixes and upgrades

Users Online 357

Total Local Users = 670

Active Users (Last 30 days) = 334

Regions = 93

Our background in running local businesses has combined with over 15 years experience in virtual worlds. Delivering the kind of individual help and support not found elsewhere.

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